Habit Number Nine – Create a cell phone/device free time of the day

Our cellphones and devices have become our constant companions. Not only are they our means to connect with loved ones but, most of the time, they are a vital part of the way we work and fulfil our jobs.

A recent study in America had some alarming facts and statistics around our inability to part with our phones. Here’s what the findings reveal:

  • 71% of people say they check their phones within the first 10 minutes of waking up
  • 80% of millennials say they check their phones immediately when they wake up
  • 47% consider themselves addicted to their phones
  • 45% of people say that their phone is their most valuable possession
  • 35% say that they look at their phones whilst driving
  • According to a study done by Deloitte, we check our phones up to 47 times a day

With the flood of technology and everything at our fingertips, it’s no wonder we battle to part from our devices. We’ve hardwired our brains to habitually reach for our phones many times day. And so, with all these facts, it’s a no brainer that we need to reinstall cell phone free times during our days and take back the habit of time spent without technological devices near us.

If you’re feeling convicted like I am after reading those statistics, join me in this habit. Here are a few “cell-phone free habits” I am going to pursue:

  1. No-Notifications Weekends

Turn off those notifications on the weekend. This will help the constant checking of our phones.

  1. Phone Off, Rest On

Do what works for you. If a half day on the weekend is all you can do, turn your phone off for that half day and leave it behind. If you can do a whole day practically speaking, do that. However, my encouragement to you is to choose a prolonged period of time during the weekend to turn off your phone.

  1. Kick your phone out of bed

Don’t let your device be the first thing you see and the last thing you look at every day. Charge it elsewhere during the night and get back to using a good ‘ol fashioned alarm clock.

  1. Sunlight before Screenlight

Studies show that 71% of us look at our phones upon waking in the morning. Combat that habit by creating a new waking habit. Use the time to do something that refreshes your soul. For me, it’s a time with God through prayer, reading the Word or journaling. For you, it could be journaling, having a cup of coffee with your family before the day starts or going for a 30-minute power walk.

  1. Create phone-free times during the day and stick to them

My phone-free habits during the day will look like this:

  • School drop-off and pick-up times (Perfect quality time with the kids)
  • Meal times (Research suggests focusing and enjoying your meal rather than multi-tasking aids better digestion)
  • My first half hour and last hour of the day.