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Habit Number Eight – Discover your Passions.

To live a whole, healthy life, we must fill our lives with things that bring us joy and bring energy. What are your passions? What excites you and makes you come alive? Do those things more this year.

Health and wellness is not just about what we eat and how we exercise, but about how we spend our time. That’s why I’ve included this habit of discovering your passions in my 23 Habits for 2023.

I think it’s incredibly important to craft time to do things you’re passionate about. Our passions feed our souls, promotes psychological well-being, releases endorphins, provides a sense of accomplishment and simply brings joy and overall health into our lives.

How to Discover your Passions

Maybe you’re not even sure of what makes you happy or brings you joy. You may be reading this wondering: “I don’t even know what my passions are.” This is where I’d love to help.

I’ve created a quick guide to help you discover your passions.

Tick the boxes which apply to you. Things/Hobbies/Passions I love to do:

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