Habit Number Four – Limit Sugar

How Sugar damages our Health and how we can slowly eliminate it from our diets.

This is a habit I am deeply passionate about. I believe that sugar is one of the largest contributors to our health problems, fatigue, and mood swings.

Did you know that the average person eats a whopping 69kg’s of sugar a year in their diet? That’s 6 cups of sugar a week! Sugar addiction is a real phenomenon and one we need to take seriously. Brain imaging and blood tests have shown that the addiction center in our brains, which is stimulated by heroin and cocaine etc., gets radically stimulated every time we ingest sugar. We get trapped in a dangerous cycle of cravings as our brains search for that ‘high’ and we give in (once again) to sugary foods.

  • Releases adrenalin.
  • Releases the stress hormone, Cortisol.
  • Suppresses your immune system.
  • Impacts metabolic health.
  • Effects our mental health by causing mood swings and irritability
  • Puts stress on our adrenal glands and thyroid.
  • Attacks collagen leading to premature aging.
  • Puts strain on our digestive health.
  • Decreases quality of sleep.
  • Brings fatigue and brain fog.

Sugar doesn’t only impact our weight but has devastating effects on our health and bodies. Here are 10 damaging effects that sugar has on our overall health:

23 Habits for a Whole and Healthy 2023 16 | The Harvest Table

The sweet danger of sugar needs to be addressed and what better way in 2023 than to start to limit (and hopefully, eliminate) sugar from our diets so that we can live whole, healthier lifestyles. I’ve put together 10 top tips to flushing out sugar and living a sustainable sugar-less lifestyle below. If you want to print it out and stick it on the fridge, click here!

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