23 Habits for a Whole and Healthy 2023 7 | The Harvest Table

Habit Number Seven – Spend time with People you Love.

Life is all about balance. To live a whole, healthy life, relationships are key and so is spending time with the ones we love.

After 2020 and Covid causing separation, distance and isolation, connectedness has never been so important in living whole, healthy lives.

We’re currently living in an epidemic of loneliness. SO much so, that the British Prime Minister appointed the world’s first Minister for Loneliness in January 2018, making the fight against isolation officially the business of central governments. And this was pre-COVID. I can only imagine how much more loneliness has ramped up since the pandemic.

Building connectedness and fighting for time to spend with loved ones is crucial in combatting this loneliness epidemic. Not only that, but there is loads of research around the untold health benefits of spending time with our loved ones.

This habit is one I love. We were designed for social connectedness.

To love and be loved is one of life’s greatest privileges.

Here’s some simple tips when it comes to creating space in our already busy agendas for quality time with our loved ones.

Be intentional

Creating time in our lives for loved ones takes intentionality. Be intentional with setting aside time each week to spend with people you love.

Get outside

There’s nothing better than being in the fresh outdoors with people we love. Have a braai, go for walks on the beach, picnic in the park (or your garden).

Exercise together

Get active with your friends and family. Exercising or gyming with friends or family is a double win on the health and happiness front.

Turn off your phones

Fight the temptation to always be available on your phone. Put it on airplane or silent mode when spending time with the ones you love.

Create your own traditions

Whether it be pancakes on a Saturday morning, Sunday Braai’s, or Meatless Mondays, traditions have a very real way of bonding people together. Create a weekly tradition with your loved ones and STICK TO THEM.

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