Habit Number Three – Limit Dairy

Ditching Dairy is a habit I am really passionate about.

If you or your children suffer from chronic sinuses, post nasal drips and snotty noses- this habit is for you.

You may be a mom or dad of littles that you find are constantly sick. From ear infections to inflamed tonsils – diary could very well be the contributing factor to your child’s ongoing sickness.

23 Habits for a Whole and Healthy 2023 16 | The Harvest Table

Why does dairy cause such inflammation and sickness?

According to T. Colin Campbell PhD (the lead scientist on The China Study), there are certain proteins in cow’s milk which are similar to the proteins found in our bodies. So, when we ingest diary, our bodies view the proteins as a similar but foreign protein and literally “attack” the cow’s milk proteins, causing an immune response. Put simply, our bodies produce antibodies to kill the cow’s milk protein.

Here’s an action plan for you to tackle limiting dairy step by step, little by little:

  • Swap out cow’s milk with plant-based milk.
  • Try the Buttanut Plant-Based Milk Range on The Harvest Table’s website.
  • Swap out ice-cream for sorbet’s. Why not try making your own! Here’s a recipe for the most delicious non-dairy ice cream.
  •  Fill your daily diet with Omega-3 Fatty Acids – this curbs your craving for diary and benefits a host of bodily functions.

  • Watch out for hidden dairy in cereals, sauces, and ready-made meals
  • Make your own pasta sauces. Here’s my favourite creamy pasta recipe.
  •  Replace your dash of milk in tea and coffee with The Harvest Tables Collagen Creamer