In recent years, collagen supplements have become more popular due to their health benefits and the easy absorption gained from hydrolyzed supplement forms such as powder and granules. At the Harvest Table, we are committed to spreading awareness about its amazing benefits.

Use These Tips to Ensure Your Diet Contains Everything You Need

Supplements are a fundamental way to cover areas of your diet you might be missing. Keep reading the blog as we reveal 3 tips for seamlessly incorporating collagen supplements into your life.

Tip #1: Understand the Benefits of Collagen

Only by doing your research into exactly why collagen is so important will you be motivated to include it in your meals whenever you can. Collagen has a host of benefits for the body, including improving skin health by reducing wrinkles, promoting a healthier gut and bone condition, while relieving joint pain. Once you understand the benefits, you can incorporate your collagen products into your diet, which is the best way to meet your health goals.

Tip #2: Opt for Powder (The Best Form of Collagen)

Collagen supplements come in many different forms. It’s important to understand the forms which are available on the market and which you would prefer. Because collagen has been found to be very effective in larger doses, we highly recommend the powder or granular form, mixed into meals or liquids.

Tip #3: Be Open to Trying New Things & Getting Creative

At the Harvest Table, we supply pure, natural forms of collagen powders and granules so that our customers only get the benefit of the protein without all the added nasties. The beauty of our collagen powders is that they can be mixed with just about anything! This means you add them to your favourite shakes or cereals and easily incorporate them into your diet. With so many varied and stimulating recipes out there, you don’t need to compromise on taste or enjoyment to include this wonder ingredient in your daily life.

The Harvest Table Understands the Importance of Quality

If you are ever in doubt, seek advice from a professional or get in touch with us and we will address any questions or concerns you may have. Stay tuned to the blog for more excellent advice and be sure to browse our online store to find the best collagen supplement for your particular needs.