This week we are taking a dive into the wonderful world of bone broth, some of its health benefits and cooking applications.

Now you may be wondering, “What exactly is Bone Broth”? Contrary to popular belief, bone broth is not animal bones that have simply been ground up into a powder. Bone broth is actually made by slow boiling and simmering bones and left-over meat in water for an extended period of time. As the bones boil in the water they slowly give up and release their nutrients into the water, creating an extremely nutrient rich solution, or “broth”. Because of this careful process, bone broth has some really great health benefits for us. Being rich in the main amino acids our bodies need, as well as containing essential minerals, it is an extremely effective way to boost the nutrient load to any given dish by simply adding some bone broth powder into it whilst cooking.

Our ancestors would have had a fire going, with something boiling away throughout the day but in our fast paced, modern diet that way of cooking is rarely done and we are just not getting the same nutrition that the generations before us enjoyed naturally.

Its taste is mild enough to be able to blend into almost any dish without the risk of it overpowering, or even changing the flavour. It is worth noting that while it may not change the flavour of your dish it does have a way of accentuating the flavour of your dish.

Our Pure Bone Broth Powder is versatile and can be added to anything from a smoothie right up to main meal recipe. It can also be really useful to help get extra nutrients into potentially fussy children who have a limited diet as it has such a mild flavour and so can be added to a multitude of dishes.

Some other health benefits come in how it can help heal your gut, especially if you have what is called a “leaky gut”. Bone broth is a fairly gelatinous substance and so it can help in sealing up the tiny holes that from in the gut which then leads to “leaky gut”. Because of its gelatinous nature, when cooking with it, remember to sprinkle it into your pot let is simmer for about 10 minutes to avoid clumping.

Another benefit of bone broth is, how once it has been included in your diet, it can help with getting a better nights sleep. This is down to the fact that it provides your body with so many extra nutrients that your body does not have to work as hard during the sleeping hours in order to do the same amount of recovery.

Bone Broth is suitable for everyone and anyone. There are no health concerns associated with including bone broth into your child’s diet even from a very young age. Not only are there no health concerns associated with an early start but in reality, it can actually go a long way to help revolutionize your child’s health. If you are not currently using bone broth in your diet, we encourage you give it a try and see for yourself how it affects your day to day health.

It can be costly to purchase but it is money you will almost certainly make up in the long run in saved doctor’s visits and medication purchases. Try for yourself and see how you feel.