Cath’s Christmas Gift Guide

Can you believe Christmas is around the corner. The shops are laden with decorations, gift ideas and advent calendars. Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year however I am so aware that to so many, it also brings stress and worries as we try to pick out the perfect Christmas gifts and feel pressure to make sure our trees are overflowing with presents.

Present shopping does not need to be expensive, tedious, or full of material items. I believe we need to change our mindset when it comes to gift buying. Here are a few helpful tips which have really helped me and my family choose gifts that are meaningful, thoughtful and add value to our relationships and lives:

cooking with the harvest table | The Harvest Table

1.Give Experiences 

Being human beings, we are wired for connection. Giving loved ones experiences to enjoy rather than presents which are temporal has been our family motto.

Here are some ideas when it comes to gifting experiences:

  • Gift a yearly membership to a marine world or theme park
  • Gift a full day away somewhere fun
  • Gift a boat trip in the harbor or to go see dolphins
  • Give a family photo shoot
  • Organise a cooking class
  • Gift surfing lessons
Cath’s Christmas Gift Guide | The Harvest Table

2. Give Consumable gifts

Consumable gifts are a real win. They are gifts that can be used up one way or another and are enjoyed without adding to the clutter. Here are my top recommendations for consumable gift giving:

  • The Harvest Table products (Pantry items, booster powders or buttermilk latte powder)
  • Gift cards/vouchers
  • Kindle vouchers
  • Re-use The Harvest Table console jars and make your own cookies to give as a gift
  • Soil Essential Oils
  • Lelive Facial Products
Cath’s Christmas Gift Guide | The Harvest Table

3.The 4 Gift Christmas Rule

Christmas present giving need not be extravagant in their number. I absolutely love this old age saying when it comes to Christmas Gifts for our family:

“Something I want, something I need, something to wear, something to read.”

Doing present shopping this way helps simplify the silly season for me.