Gone are the days when the use of collagen was never spoken of, or ashamedly hidden – one would simply be left wondering whether she did (or didn’t) inject her very plump-looking lips?

Nowadays, collagen is more commonly used in granular or powder form than injections, and the health benefits are so vast that it is being used by anyone and everyone. It is particularly beneficial for athletes, whose lives, according to Catherine Clark, Owner and Founder of The Harvest Table, have completely changed!

Understanding the Purpose that Collagen Serves

Catherine explains that collagen is a protein that our body uses to heal and repair itself. As we age, we need additional collagen added to our diets to help prevent (or minimise) our aches and pains, as well as slow the thinning of our skin and hair. “It’s so simple to add collagen to your diet, and you’ll feel an improvement in just two to three weeks. Best of all, it’s a natural solution and a great supplement, which is why it is fast becoming the go-to for athletes all over South Africa!”

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Talisa du Preez, for example, is a 27-year-old enduro-athlete who’s been active for most of her life, but for the past few years she’s had trouble with her joints (and not only when exercising). She tested negative for arthritis, and after eliminating gluten from her diet and eating more ‘real’ food, she discovered that she was gluten intolerant. But despite cutting gluten from her diet, her joints (knees and hips) would still get stiff and sore after 40 minutes of activity (which was a real issue for a sports fanatic).

Talisa had been taking anti-inflammatory medication to ease her joint pain but was worried about the detrimental effects on her gut-health. She had read about a collagen trend all over Instagram but wrongly assumed that it was just for skin, hair and nails. Out of desperation, she did some research and discovered that collagen is also a great supplement for joint health.
When she stumbled upon The Harvest Table’s Bovine Collagen online, she placed her first order. “I immediately started adding the collagen to my morning smoothies, and sometimes into my coffee in the evenings. I have seen (and felt!) a remarkable difference in my skin and joints, and my muscle recovery after a hectic outride is so much quicker. The Blueberry Booster Powder added to my morning shake is also very beneficial, giving my body some much-needed vitamins and antioxidants to boost my immune system.”

Collagen has Multiple Health Benefits

Lil Kimble, strengthening and conditioning coach, and World Powerlifting Champion has also been using Collagen Granules for seven months and says that she cannot function without it. “As a high-level athlete, competing on international platforms, my sources of protein are a top priority. Since taking Collagen.X, I’ve noticed a substantial drop in joint pain and muscle soreness, as well as an increase in my rate of recovery after training sessions. Not only has this benefited my performance, but has improved my skin’s elasticity. My health, in general, has been remarkable too.”

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And, it’s not just the ladies who are benefitting! Former South African rugby player, Stefan Terblanche is also a raving fan of the Collagen Granules and has already felt the benefits, despite only using it for a few months. “It’s so easy to take and has huge benefits with regards to recovery after exercise – I am no longer sore after training. I love the Collagen Coffee Creamer, and I have two tablespoons every morning. My wife Jacqui loves it as well and is also feeling the benefits!”

Living a Healthy Lifestyle, Naturally

Still a sceptic? A 24-Week study conducted by the Department of Nutrition and Sports Nutrition for Athletics at the Penn State University showed an improvement of joint pain in athletes who were treated with collagen thereby reducing parameters (such as pain) that have a negative impact on athletic performance. Plus, the proof is always in the pudding! Catherine says that more and more athletes are referring their friends, “We have seen a rapid increase in orders from athletes all over the country in the last three months. It seems that they are quickly recognising that collagen is an excellent, natural, work-out supplement that not only aids their recovery time but is improving their digestive health in addition to firming skin and increasing their metabolism too,” Catherine concludes.

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