Today we are taking a brief look into depression and anxiety and doing a little exploring into how our diet and lifestyle can affect these things. We have spoken into the benefits of eating healthily and how widespread these benefits can be across our overall health and wellbeing. What we eat and the lifestyle we keep does not just affect us when it comes to physical things like blood pressure, cholesterol, heart health and skin quality. Our diet and lifestyle habits have a huge impact on our mental health as well.

An unhealthy diet and lifestyle will affect how well you are sleeping, how much energy you have, and even how happy or prone to depression or anxiety you are. Diet alone is not responsible for depression, but the food that you consume does play a big part in your mental health. Eliminating sugars, unhealthy fats and chemicals from our diets makes us less susceptible to anxiety and depression.

Good food helps the brain to function correctly. Maintaining a healthy and natural diet will cause your brain to function well, process information more quickly and clear up any ‘brain fog’. Another important aspect to our mental health is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Getting the correct amount of sleep in daily, exercising regularly, avoiding excessive use of your phone and social media, or even being disciplined to not work late too regularly. Your body will thrive with the correct amount of sleep, exercise and with the right fuel, or food, put into it.

If you find yourself struggling with anxiety why not take up our challenge of adjusting your diet and lifestyle for just 30 days? Set 30 days aside to eat a more natural and healthy diet and prioritize your health by practicing good sleep habits, including exercise into your daily or weekly routine and making rest a priority. By the end of the 30 days you will not want to go back to your old routine of living and eating after seeing first-hand the benefits in your daily life. What a difference it will make!

If anxiety or feelings of depression persist, please seek professional help. Mental health is crucial for us to be able to function well and manage the stresses of modern life.

If you have missed some of our blogs in the last few months we have written a lot on the benefits of sleep, and how to achieve good sleep along with a lot of content on how to achieve more healthy and harmonious lifestyle that is beneficial to your physical body and mental health.