This week we are going to take a look at some really effective steps we can take to help reduce joint and muscle pain in our bodies.  Diet, lifestyle, and the amount of exercise we get play a big role in the overall health and wellbeing.  These elements work hand in hand with each other to help sustain and support the health of our mind and body.

When it comes to combating joint pains and muscle aches the first line of defence is to maintain an active lifestyle. Something as simple as getting in a daily walk, doing some Pilates, even setting time aside to do morning or evening stretches will have a long lasting benefit on the mobility and flexibility of our bodies, and more specifically our joints.

The next thing to focus our attention on is diet. Diet is the most effective tool we can use to maintain a healthy body because we can do all the exercise in the world but if we are not putting the correct fuel into our bodies it will have difficulty in converting our exercise routines into health. So much of what we eat these days has the tendency to inflame our bodies. A well-balanced diet is so important and things like collagen, bone broth, and getting the correct healthy fats and oils into our bodies play a major role on our wellness journey. Collagen is especially useful in building strength in our joints. Getting the right oils in is also vital as our bodies need healthy fats and oils to help it run smoothly and effectively. Fats and oils have been branded as dietary evils and we have been taught to believe that fat is synonymous with weight gain, where that is far from the truth. Combining a healthy diet with regular activity will go a long way in helping your body better be able to cope with the demands and rigors of modern life.

We want to challenge you to set aside four weeks and try it for yourself. Cut out Gluten, Dairy, and sugars and instead add some healthier oils, fats, bone broth and collagen into your diet and see how you feel after the four weeks. While there is no quick fix solution to a poor diet, after four weeks you will almost certainly see strong enough results to convince you to make some more permanent changes. We are confident that if you suffer from joint and muscle pains that by taking up this challenge you will find your body feeling more capable and less run down by the end of the challenge. We hope this encourages you to start your own journey down the path of better eating and healthier living.