Life is an incredible gift.

Life is such an incredible thing. Such a beautiful unscripted adventure. It becomes so easy for us to get wrapped up in the daily grind of life that often times we can forget how precious it actually is.

Life is the greatest gift of all and deserves to be treasured. It should be savoured and cherished. If we don’t stop ourselves regularly and take a step back to fully appreciate what it is and what we have life has a habit of passing by without you even realizing it. Treat each day like it’s a new gift. Celebrate your new days like you celebrate your new years. Now that doesn’t mean stay up late and party every night, but rather try and meet each new day with similar intention and appreciation as you would the new year.

Celebrate your victories no matter how small. The road to big victories is built from the bricks of small victories. Allow yourself to enjoy the beauty of each day. Find the beauty in the ordinary, in the friendships around you. We so often box ourselves into the ordinary, and the mundane, into this framework of only celebrating the loved ones around us when it’s a birthday or Christmas.

If life is our greatest gift, the greatest gift life gives us is the gift of friendship. Celebrate the friendships in your life regularly and intentionally. Try not to limit your expression of love and appreciation to only special occasions. Love wildly and intensely, drink deep from the well of friendship and family.

We have spoken a lot about celebrating this month. We have discussed how beautiful gift giving can be and taken a brief glance into the world of love languages and how we all have our own unique way of giving and receiving love. All these points are helpful in gaining understanding about finding new depths in the friendships you have with those around you so we hope that it has encouraged you to scratch past the surface, to dig a bit deeper and to love that bit harder.

Remember that friendships are some of the greatest adventures of all. The relationships you have with your loved ones and your family members are invaluable. We encourage you to try not take them for granted but to rather celebrate them on a regular basis. Not just when it’s a “special occasion”. The more you celebrate these things the deeper your joy and love for everyday life will become.