This week we want to explore some of the impacts that noise can have on our ability to get a good night’s sleep. The noise we expose ourselves to before bed can have a detrimental effect on how easily we fall asleep as well as the noise that may be going on in the background whilst we are sleeping.

Undoubtedly, we get better sleep when we are in a calmer, quieter environment. It is helpful to try keep our bedrooms as noise free as possible and try to eliminate as much background noise as possible. If you are a really light sleeper it can also be a helpful idea to consider using ear plugs as this will help block the ambient noise from your surroundings.

Not only does noise create a more difficult environment for you to fall asleep in, but it can also affect how well you sleep during the night. Some noises are avoidable, such as cellphone notifications, fans, appliances etc. While other noises are more out of our control, such as traffic from a nearby road, housemates or neighbours.

Whilst most external noises can be resolved, to a degree, the noise in our minds also plays a huge part in the quality of sleep we get. If you have busy thoughts before or around bed time or find it difficult to quiet your mind and fall asleep it could be helpful to keep a notebook and pen on your bed side table where you are able to jot down notes and put the thoughts down on paper, temporarily taking care of them and clearing your mind for rest and deeper sleep.

The quality of the sleep we get directly affects the productivity of our days. It’s worth taking the time to make a good nights sleep a priority.