We spend a lot of time discussing health and the many forms it comes in. When we are healthy inside that will reflect on the outside. From eating the right foods, keeping an active lifestyle and even paying attention to our mental health, healthy living is a combination of many different factors all coming together to keep you feeling and performing your best.

Health is so much deeper than simply fitting into a weight category. Each of us is unique and our bodies all function in their own way. Weight alone is not the only indicator of health. While it is true that if you are healthy then being of reasonable weight and fitness will naturally follow it is good to remember that we are all individuals and so we will all have slightly different results. When it comes to healthy eating we should always prioritize the health of our body over the weight of it. Focusing on getting healthy foods in, rather than keeping unhealthy foods out, is a good mind set to start with. The more we put our health first, the more benefits we will start to experience and the less we will gravitate to the foods that make us feel sluggish, bloated or ‘guilty’.

There are numerous eating plans and diets out there that can be followed but what we believe is that eating as naturally as possible is the healthiest option. One quick glance at the ingredient list of some of your favourite foods will show how many artificial additives are present in foods today. Try to stay away from things like preservatives, colourants, flavourants, and other additives. As a general rule, the more chemicals and additives you find in your food the less healthy it will be. A good question to be asking yourself when it comes to looking for healthy foods is “how close is this to what came out of the ground or off the tree?”.

As we start to make more health driven decisions with our diet our weight and overall health will naturally improve. Some other simple steps towards a more healthy diet is by adding things like bone broth or collagen into your meals. Adding these to a juice in the morning, a salad for lunch, or into your main dish for dinner are convenient ways to get natural, healthy sources of nutrient dense food into our bodies. If we put the effort into filling our diet with more healthy foods our health will improve, weight will stabilise and energy levels will be restored.