Over the last 2 weeks we have taken some time to discuss the importance of keeping on top of our physical health through regular check-ups and general awareness of our bodies and any changes that may occur in it. This week, we want to discuss the value of setting aside some leisure time in our everyday lives. This is a really important aspect of our overall health yet one that is often overlooked. Rest is linked to lower stress levels, improved mental focus, quicker healing time and higher productivity.

Taking some leisure time out for ourselves can sometimes be really difficult given the fast pace of life in the 21st century. Social pressures, family and work commitments, and just trying to survive in these uncertain times all take their toll on us and so often our solution to the problem is to just push through and soldier on. We believe there is a healthier, more balanced way to approach life!

It is vitally important to keep our minds and emotions in a healthy state and we must actively pursue things that fill us up so we are able to give out in a meaningful way. You can be the strongest, fittest or healthiest person you know and yet still feel incapable of dealing with daily life if you are mentally run down or emotionally exhausted.

We often try to fix our tiredness by throwing more energy at the problem when what we need is to actually just take some time out rest. Just like we don’t eat one huge meal a week, but need regular meals to nourish our bodies properly, the same is true for rest. While a long holiday far away may seem appealing, a few moments a day, intentionally set aside, will reap great rewards of calm, leading to greater productivity in the long run.

These mini breaks could look like turning our phones on silent for 20 minutes and enjoying a comforting drink while soaking up the sun, a warm, relaxing bath, a quiet walk or treating yourself to a massage. Whatever it is that helps you relax, try schedule it in on a more regular basis and watch the rewards of rest unfold.

Rest is not a luxury, it is a necessity!