We are now reaching the end of our series on getting a better night’s sleep. We have discussed helpful ways to improve our sleeping patterns and sleep quality through some simple techniques to help us better ready ourselves for bed.

We hope these have been of some help to you in your pursuit of peaceful and restful sleep. Another important aspect to consider when heading to sleep is to be able leave what happened in your day exactly there, in that day. Where possible do not carry issues from your day through the night into the next day. Just as in a healthy relationship it is never helpful to go to sleep angry with your partner, it’s also true that you shouldn’t go to bed angry in your relationship with yourself. Leave each days issues in that day. You can continue with your problem solving and idea development tomorrow.

The age old saying of “tomorrow is another day” still rings true. Tomorrow is a new day with new challenges that you will need to face. New victories to win and new difficulties to overcome. The best way to ready yourself for tomorrow’s challenges is to leave behind today’s failures and today’s issues when you head to bed.

Try and be deliberate in letting go of your stresses before heading to bed. It is helpful to remember that your bed and your bedroom are places of rest, relaxation, and recuperation. A lot of good happens within your body and your mind during the state of sleep. By keeping your bedroom a place of rest you will be better able to switch off and leave things at the door when heading to sleep.

So here’s to having enough strength to climb every mountain, face every challenge and soak in every beautiful moment of today while maintaining hope for tomorrow.