Of the 8.3 billion tons of plastic humans have produced since 1950, only 30% of it is still in use. Of the plastic no-longer in use, most has been disposed of in landfills and the environment (79%) or incinerated (12%). Only a small portion (9%) has been recycled.

Statics like this are quite staggering and acknowledging the extent of the plastic crisis we are facing can feel overwhelming. Instead of giving up, we encourage you identify a few incremental changes that you and your household can make to reduce your impact on the environment. Let’s break it down into a few tips for each of the three R’s of waste management; reduce, reuse, recycle.

Reduce- say no to single use

  • Invest in some quality reusable products like our steel straws, travel mugs and carrier bags. Say no to plastic straws and disposable coffee cups and chose your greener options instead
  • Keep some shopping bags in your handbag to avoid having to purchase more at the till. Plastic or cotton, all bags should be reused until they fall apart!

Reuse – be conscious of the packaging you choose

  • Choose products that are packaged with the environment in mind
  • Find creative ways to reuse bottles, jars, boxes, scrap paper etc so they can live another life and justify the environmental cost of producing them

Recycle – educate yourself about what materials can be recycled and what can’t

  • Not all plastics are recyclable, learn which ones are
  • Choose to support brands who are prioritizing recyclability
  • Recycle your kitchen scraps by making compost and returning those nutrients to the soil

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