Introducing Nutrafy™-

a specially formulated blend of highly concentrated probiotics, hyaluronic acid and zinc, powered by collagen, to get your ‘glow’ all year round.

We are thrilled to announced the launch of Nutrafy™, a new collagen based range for the skincare market. Nutrafy™ is a powerful blend of highly concentrated probiotics, hyaluronic acid and zinc. Powered by collagen, with added ingredients tailored to specific skin types. Nutrafy™ offers an inside out approach to bring nourishment, youthfulness and vibrancy back to skincare through the use of nutraceuticals.

When you ingest Nutrafy™, the gut absorbs the nutrients found in the specially formulated ingredients to support the skin in producing a healthy, vibrant glow.

“Our desire at Nutrafy™ is to complement your everyday skincare routine by taking care of the inside while you take care of the outside. ” says Catherine Clark, founder of The Harvest Table. “Think of Nutrafy™ as the essential powerful probiotic step that’s been missing from your daily beauty routine.”

Features of Nutrafy™ include:

  • Ease of use – Nutrafy™ quite literally nutrify’s your skin through the use of nutraceuticals. Through oral ingestion, Nutrafy™ is an effortless addition in your existing beauty routine
  • Longevity – Nutrafy™ is a long-term skincare solution, delivering sustainable and effective results.
  • Powered by Probiotics- Nutrafy’s™ high potency probiotics at a concentration of 15 billion CFU per serving support the healthy gut- healthy skin axis, helping the skin to retain moisture and elasticity. There is a growing body of evidence to support the regular use of probiotics to sustain a healthy gut microbiome. And a healthy gut microbiome contributes to vibrant, glowing, youthful looking skin.
  • Specific to your Skin Type – Nutrafy™ products are powered by collagen but each contains unique all natural ingredients designed to benefit four different types of skin: Combination skin, dry irritated skin, oil prone skin and uneven skin tone.

Whether you are looking to decrease wrinkles, retain moisture, increase vibrancy, even out skin tone or prevent breakouts. There is something for everyone in our new range.

Nutrafy™ will not only benefit your skin health for the long-term but promote your overall health and wellbeing.

Shop yours today in our online store,  and follow @Nutrafy_byHarvestTable on Instagram for more information.

New routine. New Glow. Nutrafy™