Remember the good old days when you referred to your knees as left and right instead of good and bad? As we age, and with wear and tear on our joints, our cartilage starts to degenerate. The good news, is that supplementing your diet with collagen may help to repair some of this damage and slow further deterioration.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body but your body produces less and lower quality collagen from the age of 25.

We all still want to treat our bodies they way we did when we were younger. We want to run and adventure, take up a cycle race entry at the drop of a hat, play on the floor with our kids and grandkids, or even win the parent race at sports day! But, lets face it, we are not 20 anymore!

These activities take their toll and we all start to feel the wear and tear kick in. You used to injure yourself by falling off a motorbike or out of tree, now you can injure yourself by sleeping badly! Is there anything you can do to improve your joint condition? Well, we may just have the answer.

Supplementing your diet with collagen, specifically one that includes type II collagen which is most prevalent in cartilage, can help decrease joint aches and pains and make you more resistant to injury.

If you are looking to supplement your diet with type II collagen specifically, why not try our chicken collagen, our pure or chocolate flavoured multi collagen or our power repair sports shake.