Collagen plays a fundamental role in skin health and is a key agent in improving viscoelasticity, reducing wrinkles, and smoothing out blemishes. It produces vibrant, supple skin that looks and feels full of health.

Let’s talk about skin blemishes:

Skin blemishes are a leading concern when it comes to skin health. Hormonal changes, sun exposure, stress, unhealthy diets, and the use of certain medications (to name a few) all contribute to skin blemishes.

Clinical trials found that women who consumed The Harvest Table Collagen peptides showed a significant decrease in hidden blemish scores compared to those who didn’t consume collagen peptides. The findings revealed significant improvement in elasticity, moisture retention and smoothness in only 8 weeks amongst the women that took Collagen.

Further studies reveal that Collagen improves skin texture and the suppression of hidden blemishes by enhancing keratinocyte differentiation in the epidermis, accelerating epidermis turnover, and promoting the elimination of melanin pigments.

Skin Health and the Clinical Findings from Daily Collagen intake 4 | The Harvest Table
Skin Health and the Clinical Findings from Daily Collagen intake 1 | The Harvest Table

With regards to moisture retention, the clinical studies revealed that collagen supplementation enhances the expression of Hyaluronan synthase 2 and Fillagrin in keratinocytes. Collagen intake also enhances the syntheses of Hyaluronan and collagen in fibroblasts. Thus, resulting in skin that looks vibrant and healthy due to its ability to retain moisture.

In terms of wrinkles and sagging skin, Collagen enhances elastin synthesis and relieves UV damage done to the skin thereby improving skin elasticity and reducing the visible signs of aging and skin damage.

With the evidence above, it is apparent that the daily supplementation of collagen in our diets produces incredible results in skin health and skin vibrancy.

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