Spring has sprung, and what better time to give your home a deep clean, the natural way, with SoPure and The Harvest Table. Check out some of our spring cleaning tips below;

Blast Oven Grime
Kick off your spring cleaning by tackling that oven build-up. For stubborn spots, lay a hot, damp cloth to ease them up. Spray on some SoPure Oven and Air Fryer Fume-Free Cleaner, wait 15 minutes, and voilà! A quick rinse and wipe, and you’re good to go.

Brush Up on Makeup Hygiene
Pristine brushes are a swipe away! Dab SoPure Wild Lemongrass Hand into your palm and rub the bristle tips into the soap, then gently work the suds through them. To rinse, hold the brush (bristles down) under warm running water. Shake, lay on a paper towel, and let them dry naturally.

Freshen Up Playtime!
Kids’ toys take a beating. Freshen them up with SoPure Toy and Nursery Steri-Mist. Got plush toys? Pop them in a pillowcase, wash with SoPure Gentle Baby Laundry Liquid, then sun-dry for that fresh feel.

Electronics: Cleaner than Your Toilet!
Surprising, but your phone might carry more germs than your loo. Clean it weekly! Turn it off, spritz  SoPure Any Surface Disinfecting Cleanser onto a microfiber cloth, and give it a wipe. This works wonders for your TV remote, mouse, and more. Just remember to remove batteries and not to spray directly on to any electronic device!

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