This week we going to take a look at how stimulants can play a major role in disrupting our sleeping patterns, particularly when it comes to actually falling asleep. As we have mentioned in some of our previous posts, it is really helpful to unwind and be relaxed and calm by the time you decide to go to sleep. This helps you in being able to fall asleep quickly and enter into a restful sleep with ease. So often life can get in the way of this. Understandably so, as we have deadlines, family, chores, and jobs and relationships to keep up with. A good night’s sleep such an effective way to stay on top of the pressures of everyday life.

Consuming stimulants such as sugar, caffeine, nicotine, or energy drinks close to going to bed can cause you to feel wide eyed and bushy tailed the moment your head meets the pillow. A better alternative is to consider drinking a chamomile, green, or other herbal teas before bedtime.

Harmful stimulants to keep in mind, can be mental stimulants, thoughts that set your mind racing or raise your blood pressure. These can include getting into heated discussions, playing intensively competitive games, computer games, board games or doing a lot of exercise before bedtime. These can all contribute to and hinder your efforts to get good sleep.

There is not a formula to success for something like getting good sleep. A big part of the key to success is in knowing ourselves. Try to learn what things trigger your mind or heart racing and see if you can avoid engaging in them as you get closer to sleep.

Try out some breathing exercises to help bring calm to your thoughts and circulation. Something else we find works really well as a tool in readying ourselves for sleep is keeping a journal each night, it is a great way to let go of your stresses and writing can have a habit of causing drowsiness in itself.

Ultimately you want to be getting into the routine of slowing your actions and thoughts down as you get closer to heading to sleep. A warm cup of chamomile before bed will go a lot further in helping you get through your days than an evening coffee. We encourage you to find out what calms you in the evening and then make a healthy habit it.