So here we are, its mid-December already and the Festive Season has been thrust upon us whether we are ready or not. This is not a bad thing. After a year like 2020, some festivity is exactly what a lot of people may need. As the end of the year approaches most things start to slow down and unwind. We typically see more of our family, we have the time freedom to do things we want to do, and among other things, we also tend to overeat with all the braai’s and roasts that go around during this time of year.

Christmas time does not have to be a time where all the wheels fall off the proverbial bus as it is possible to have a good time while still maintaining some discipline in your routine. A common error that a lot of people make when it comes to diet specifically is to approach it from one of two extremes. We either deprive ourselves of all treats or we just completely let loose and go all in when it comes to the dinner and dessert table. This does not have to be the case however, so much of the goodness in life comes through moderation and control. Maybe instead of doing one or the other it could be really helpful to take the approach of doing what you can, when you can, and still allowing yourself the freedom to indulge a little and enjoy yourself at times.

So for example, something that can be a really simple yet effective tool in helping your health survive this festive season is to try to ensure that you get at least one good, clean meal a day. When we say a “clean” meal we are talking about eating a meal that consists of good, natural, and chemical free ingredients. Still go out and enjoy your food, eat desserts even, but instead of having a big bowl packed to the brim try to exercise some restraint and dish up a smaller than usual portion. The same goes for your normal meals. Instead of just eating everything that looks or smells delicious eat your meals in moderation.

If you know you are going to be going out and having a big meal maybe try adding juice into your morning or a light salad for lunch. This will help your body to be better equipped to manage the onslaught of heavy, gluten laden foods that are the norm for this time of year. Another great idea is to try up your water intake. Water is great at flushing our system and helps us feel healthy and clean. If you find yourself feeling really slow, lethargic, and a bit overloaded from too much heavy food try taking some activated charcoal. It is great at absorbing toxins in our body and will flush them out of your system. It is really easy to simply add some into a juice or a smoothie and the health benefits will certainly be noticeable.

So as you head into this festive season just remember that you can do it. You can have some of that Christmas pudding and still keep your healthy eating under control.