This week’s blog is in many ways a continuation of some of the things we spoke of in our post last week, specifically the value and importance of maintaining a regular “checkup” mindset when it comes to you, your body, and your health. Most people only deal with health issues once there are actually issues which need to be addressed. Early detection plays a key role in a positive outcome.

While breast cancer gets a lot of the spotlight when it comes to women’s health it shouldn’t be the only thing you do regular checks for. You should also take care of the other aspects of your personal health. This includes going for blood pressure tests, cholesterol, and general checkups on a regular basis.

Caring for yourself can be difficult and sometimes fitting it into your schedule can feel extremely inconvenient, but it is crucial. Our fast paced modern culture so often has us neglecting ourselves and our health for our family or career or social life, but take some time this month to really care for yourself. All the other aspects of your life rely on you being well enough to function in that role.

Other areas we often neglect are the areas of rest and nutrition. These are crucial to us functioning well and yet, are often our lowest priorities. Getting enough rest and eating nutrient dense meals ensures that our bodies have the fuel they need to repair themselves and to protect us from disease. Nutrient dense foods are more readily available than ever before, we stock a variety of shake ingredients on our website which make a convenient, quick way to get those much needed nutrients in, daily.

Try to take some time to learn to listen to your body, our bodies know what they need and they will tell us, we must just learn to tune into the signals.

We will be spending more time this month discussing ways to care for ourselves and we encourage you to put some of these ideas into practice.