There’s a reason why The Harvest Table opted to include Astaxanthin in our wonder product, Collagen.X: it is an incredible supplement, among the most potent carotenoids and antioxidants found in nature, with myriad health benefits that promote fitness and anti-ageing. It has been shown to be 6000 times stronger than Vitamin C and exceptionally adept at fighting free radicals, not to mention 40 x stronger than Beta-Carotene and 550 x stronger than Vitamin E. 

7 Potent Benefits of Incorporating Astaxanthin into Your Diet

An antioxidant often dubbed the ‘king of carotenoids’, astaxanthin has been also shown to promote endurance, healthy skin, healthy heart and alleviate joint pain. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it is also believed to prove relief from inflammation and the spectrum of chronic diseases associated with inflammation. There are even rumours that it has potential as a cancer treatment.

Potent Benefit of Astaxanthin #1: It Supports Healthy Vision

Lutein and zeaxanthin are two carotenoids found in the retina of the human eye. These molecules are very similar to astaxanthin, which has been found to impede many common eye diseases, including glaucoma, eye strain and AMD.

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Potent Benefit of Astaxanthin #2: It Promotes Skin Health

Astaxanthin is said to be age-defying: it smoothes out pores, plumps out wrinkles and provides nourishment from within. A study in 2012 revealed that when oral and topical doses of astaxanthin were combined, it was effective in reducing age spots, smoothing wrinkles and maintaining the moisture of the skin. 

Potent Benefit of Astaxanthin #3: It Enhances Your Workout

Many studies have observed the effect that astaxanthin has on extending endurance and managing fatigue levels when recovering from exercising. On mice, it was discovered that astaxanthin boosts the body’s fatty acid digestion, promoting endurance and preventing skeletal or muscular damage 

Potent Benefit of Astaxanthin #4: It Boosts Male Fertility

Another study carried out in 2005 revealed that astaxanthin has a lot of potential in the treatment of male fertility. The group studied was very small, but it did show improvement in sperm parameters such as motility and count. 

Potent Benefit of Astaxanthin #5: It Promotes Brain Health

In the treatment of neurological diseases, Astaxanthin has even been shown to enhance cognitive function recovery, improve sensorimotor performance and reduce cortical lesion size and neuronal loss. Astaxanthin was also shown to restore BDNF, GAP-43, synapsin and SYP levels in the cerebral cortex, indicating that it promotes of neuronal plasticity and survival.

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Potent Benefit of Astaxanthin #6: It Provides Inflammation Relief

Astaxanthin has been revealed to show promise in the future treatment joint pain, which includes ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis. Here have also been positive signs that it can provide relief to the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.

Potent Benefit of Astaxanthin #7: It Protects Your Heart

Studies have investigated the benefits of astaxanthin on the heart, with a study in 2006 that measured astaxanthin’s impact on rats suffering from high blood pressure demonstrated that it may enhance arterial wall thickness and elastin levels.  

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Health effects of astaxanthin have been long studied.  

7 Potential Benefits of Astaxanthin 

Astaxanthin improves cognitive performance in mice following mild traumatic brain injury