The Harvest Table was born out of a passion to see people’s health transformed through the power of good nutrition.

Having seen the difference it made in her own life, and after radically changing her diet following a Hodgkins Lymphoma diagnosis, owner and founder of The Harvest Table, Catherine Clark, felt called to share her journey with others and empower them to invest in and improve their own health.
4 years ago, The Harvest Table was nothing but a dream. That dream became a reality as our brand was born and we started production in a single room in unit one of our current factory space. We are completely humbled by how our business has grown since its inception.

The Harvest Table is now food safety certified 10 | The Harvest Table
The Harvest Table is now food safety certified 9 | The Harvest Table

The Harvest Table now occupies 5 factory spaces where we have custom built our own state of the art, food safe facility. Recently GSFI certified, we can now have peace of mind that we are guaranteeing only the highest quality product for our consumers.
From inspections of the vehicles that raw materials are delivered on, to meticulous hygiene practices, regular surface swabbing and strict isolation of allergens. We have made a massive investment into our facility to ensure that all the cheques and balances are in place to guarantee the safety and purity of our product.

As our brand has grown, so has our team. We now proudly employ over 50 people and, in doing so, support 50 families. Where possible, we always employ a person over using a machine, and a large volume of our product is still hand packed by our production team, all highly trained in food safety.
We take great pride in what we do, and despite how we have grown, we are still a family run business, who prioritize customer care and the personal touches you have come to know and love.

The Harvest Table is now food safety certified | The Harvest Table

Why you should care about food safety as much as we do.

Food safety refers to routines in the preparation, handling and storage of food meant to prevent foodborne illness and injury.
Food safety problems are a leading cause of more than 200 preventable diseases worldwide. Each year, one in ten people will suffer from foodborne illness or injury. Safe food handling practices and procedures are thus implemented at every stage of the food production life cycle in order to curb risks and prevent harm to consumers.

The Harvest Table is now food safety certified 3 | The Harvest Table

Consumers are becoming more aware of food safety and, rightly so, are starting to question the food safety practices and certifications of the brands they support. At The Harvest Table, we have spared no expense to assure customers of our commitment to their health and wellness, both in the quality of the products we source from across the globe, and in the safety and transparency of our manufacturing process.