How much water is enough when it comes to healthy digestion?

Did you know that drinking water in sufficient quantities is imperative when it comes to healthy digestion.  In fact, food cannot move adequately through the intestines without sufficient water.  Drinking additional amounts of water than you would normally consume could , in fact, be an easy remedy for mild constipation.  And so drinking water remains one of the key foundations of good health.  I have always believed that if you could choose only one habit to change to improve your health, what you drink daily should be the first thing that you improve on.

But, is drinking water with meals a healthy habit?  Remember that this month we are talking about digestive health and the importance of digestive enzymes.  I have heard it said that your life ends when your body runs out of digestive enzymes although I haven’t studied this in detail.  We certainly should remember that enzymes are important.  So what happens if we drink at the same time that we eat?  Our digestive enzymes are watered down and this can impact on our digestive process.  It has in fact become a habit now for my family not to drink during meals.

If you find that you struggle with indigestion or bloating after eating then consider how far apart you space drinking water from eating a meal.  This could certainly be something worth working on.