Why do we celebrate?

Another month means a new set of ideas to talk about, we hope that you enjoyed the tips and pointers last month in terms of how to achieve better sleep. This month is our birthday month and so, we will be exploring the idea of celebrations. Why we celebrate. What we celebrate. Who we celebrate with.

Let’s start off by looking at why we celebrate. What good does it do us to celebrate certain events? These are interesting questions. We can find lots of reasons to celebrate, like buying a house, having a birthday, getting married, the birth of a child or even something as simple as achieving a certain fitness goal. So often celebration is taking joy in marking an event, in taking a moment out to let the reality of an achievement set in, to allow some space for recognition and a sense of self-fulfilment to grow. Certain celebrations help connect us to a deeper tradition and understanding of things. Think about a first dance at a wedding for example, not simply a dance but more a connecting into cultural and historical rites that help solidify the union in our minds.

Celebrating is a really wonderful thing to do for yourself and for those close to you. To join in celebrating something special and important to someone you love helps strengthen and grow your bonds with that person, while at the same time helping them feel worthy and appreciated. It’s important in life to sometimes take a moment and savour something significant. There is a special, heartfelt, joy lifting feeling around setting some time aside and inviting people over to mark a significant event with you! Friendships, family relationships and your community relationships are living things that need nourishment and celebrating is one way to feed them, keep them healthy, strong, and able to withstand the inevitable tests of time.  Start a tradition of celebration…  It will bear fruit that will feed your soul.