By Guest Blogger: Tyrone Pillay, Paralympian, Rio Paralympic Games, 2016.

Nutrition is something of high importance and is something I prioritize as a professional athlete. I never compromise when it comes to nutrition. When I first started off in athletics I needed the help of a dietitian to assist me, in getting the results that I required, and I quickly understood the benefits of good nutrition.

My training routine requires me to train 6 days a week and in order to do so, my recovery has to be on point. It’s virtually impossible if you don’t have the right nutrition to aid recovery. Everything goes hand in hand and I’m a strong believer in a holistic approach to things.

Using The Harvest Table products has really transformed my life. I developed a lot of gut issues in my mid 30’s and it’s really been a massive challenge. I depended on medication to overcome these issues. A friend of mine from the US was telling me about Bone Broth and the positive effects it has on gut issues. I started doing some research on Bone Broth and was looking for a product that would be safe for me to use, as I go through a lot of testing as a professional athlete. I was introduced to The Harvest Table products by Brent Grimsley from HG Physio.

I can tell you that after the first 4 weeks of using The Harvest Table Bone Broth, I stopped using medication for my gut issues and haven’t used the medication for over 6 months. The benefits of Bone Broth have just been tremendous and it has become my go to if I experience any gut issues. I can’t thank The Harvest Table enough for creating products that have been so beneficial to me.

I have also been using the Pure Collagen Granules and have seen great benefits to my recovery and my overall health while using them. I even noticed an improvement in my hair and nails!  Collagen has a lot of benefits and I really think a lot of athletes should consider it as part of their routine.

I usually consume the Collagen Granules in the morning and the Bone Broth in the afternoons. (You can add this in wherever you think necessary)

I only have good things to say about The Harvest Table products, but more importantly; was meeting Cath and reading about her story and how she has put so much into these products. Truly inspiring and someone that we all can learn so much from.

Tyrone Pillay | The Harvest Table