Family-First Care

Family-First Care

Discover the extraordinary advantages of our top-of-the-range collagen supplements, designed to meet your on-the-go lifestyle. Give your family the nutrients they need and the care they deserve.

Benefits For Your Family:

  • Enhanced Skin And Hair For All Family Members
  • Fortified Bones And Joints For Lifelong Health
  • Elevated Physical Fitness And Minimised Inflammation For Active Lifestyles
  • Noticeable Reduction In Signs Of Ageing, Such As Wrinkles

We understand that your time is valuable, whether you’re juggling a project at work or managing your family’s schedule. If you’re ready to make a purchase or require further information, rest assured that we’re committed to providing quick and efficient responses.

Instantly Dissolving Bone Broth Powder


Chocolate Lean Shake


Collapro Advanced Collagen (Bovine)


Multi Collagen Granules


Absolute best collagen in the market

“I run and gym and sometimes suffer from joint pains but since taking the multi collagen granules my knee joint paint have disappeared and my skin /face has never looked so dewy and younger . It’s a must in my every day morning coffee. It’s a staple in my house .”

– FIKILE MASHELA (Multi Collagen Granules)

Vegan Collagen

“Best quality, best value for money. Dissolves easily in shakes. Has min or no effect on taste when mixed with other products, infact I use it to thicken my shake. My hair growth has increases tremendously and my skin is looking plump and youthful. Great investment in yourself.”

– LOLA REDDY (Vegan Collagen)

Best ever!

“This is the best decision I ever made. I am so happy with this product as I had IBS for most of my life and feeling bloated and constipated, wore me down. This is my life saver. I am more regular, almost normal, with a good gut and “no-sugar-in-my-coffee” lifestyle, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your innovative and awesome products!”

– IZITA VORSTER (Collagen Granules)