Nutrafy™ Feedback Survey

We would love to hear from you, our valued customers, about your experience with Nutrafy™.

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    Which of our Nutrafy™ Products have you purchased?

    Are you a repeat Nutrafy™ customer?

    Have you enjoyed the benefits of this product?

    If yes, what changes have you seen in your skin?

    Did you find it easy to identify which Nutrafy™ is best for your skin?

    Do you find it easy to work into your daily routine?

    How do you consume your Nutrafy™ product?

    What did you think of the flavour profile?

    Do you find it dissolves well?

    Would you prefer a similar product that was fruit flavoured and could be mixed with water?

    Would you prefer to consume Nutrafy™ as a powder or in a capsule?

    Do you use a Gua Sha or a jade roller?

    Would you be interested in purchasing a Gua Sha or a jade roller?

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