Collagen Creamer

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A blend of our Collagen Powder with our all natural and minimally processed MCT Oil Powder for the perfect 'Bulletproof' blend.  Great as a creamer added to coffee or tea or add it to shakes or smoothies, cereal or yoghurt. Bulletproof Coffee has never been so easy!! .This product has a neutral flavour.

What exactly is MCT oil? MCT oil is composed of medium chain triglycerides, from coconut source. Adding this healthy fat into your diet each day can help to;

  • Promote weight loss
  • Boost energy levels
  • Promote the use of fat during exercise
  • Decrease risk factors for heart disease
  • Help stabilise blood sugar

When you purchase a Harvest Table product you can be assured of our promise that our products contain zero added preservatives, additives, fillers or flavourants. 

The Harvest Table facility has been certified Halaal by MJC.  Our certificate number is HT 5558.

Hydrolysed collagen (bovine), coconut Medium Chain Triglycerides (coconut oil, soluble corn fibre, sodium caseinate, sunflower lecithin, silicon dioxide)

Serving size
1 TBS. 8g


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Add to coffee or tea or add it to shakes or smoothies, cereal or yoghurt. 

Can I use this as a dairy alternative if I am allergic to

No, the product contains sodium caseinate which is a dairy
derivative. There is no lactose so it is suitable for customers who are lactose
intolerant, but not for customers who have a dairy allergen.

Could I be allergic to collagen?
Collagen is very hypoallergenic but some people do feel bloated when they start taking it. We recommend that you reduce your dose and build it back up slowly to give your body time to adjust.

Can I use your products while pregnant or breast-feeding?
The only products produced by The Harvest Table that is not recommended for consumption while pregnant or breast-feeding is the Collagen X range.  The Astaxanthin contained in this product is an extraordinarily strong antioxidant and the safety of this product has not been tested for use while pregnant or breast-feeding.  All other products are completely safe as they are food-based products with no additives, flavourings or colourants added. 

Is collagen safe for children? 
Although Collagen is only necessary to supplement from the age of 25 it is perfectly safe for children to use and some children benefit from having this good quality protein added into their diets. 

Ratings & Reviews

45 Review(s)
LOVE!!!! Cant imagine having coffee without it
By Kristy Van Houwelingen Added: 3 weeks ago
Love the taste
Very creamy
By Adele Diamond Added: 3 weeks ago
Absolutely love it
By Thulile Zama Added: 1 month ago
I enjoy it!
By Mpho Mphahlele Added: 1 month ago
Whole family also on Collagen Creamer
We used to take MCT oil in our coffee in the morning, now we can just use the creamer with the mct oil, it tastes good and gives our coffee a lovely creamy flavour. Also only been taking for a month, so will continue and report back.
By Lynette Willis Added: 2 months ago
Can’t start my day without it
Amazing product. Creates creamy smooth coffee with the benefit of collagen and MCT. It’s tasteless and odourless so doesn’t affect a great brew.
By Norwin Lederer Added: 2 months ago
Collagen Creamer
By Marian Human-Nel Added: 2 months ago
Love love loooove
I cannot recommend a better product, my morning coffees and midday matchas are not complete without my collagen creamer.
Absolutely love this product!
By Tate Keet Added: 3 months ago
Amazing product.
Use it with my morning coffee.
By Marian Human-Nel Added: 5 months ago
Collagen Creamer
I love this product! I use it in my coffee and it makes the coffee so creamy.
By Elmarie van der Merwe Added: 5 months ago
Can't have a cup of coffee without it. Hair, nails and skin seem to be much healthier.
By Juliet Stanton Added: 5 months ago
Collagen Creamer
Awesome product, reasonable price
By Kevin Moore-Boyle Added: 5 months ago
Collagen creamer
I love the creamer. I can't drink my coffee without it💗💖
By Beverley Owens Added: 5 months ago
Love this!
Can't drink my coffee without this collagen creamer, it's fantastic. I've tried a few other brands and I find this one to be the best.
By Samantha Joubert Added: 8 months ago
Love the product and appreciate the personal touch in the package!
By Andrea Smith Added: 9 months ago
I love that one can buy a refill pack for this wonderful creamer. I already have the glass container, so I don't have to buy the glass container again.
By Yvette Meyer Added: 10 months ago
Happy customer!
Makes my coffee creamy without any weird flavour. Definitely keeps me fuller for longer. My kids love it in their oats.
By Lauren Booth Added: 10 months ago
Collagen creamer
The best collagen I have ever tasted. Have it in my morning black coffee. There is no after taste or weird taste like most other collagens have. Highly recommend this product.
By Noelene Lithgow Added: 11 months ago
Coffee lover
This is one of the best ever I cannot enjoy my cup of coffee with out it and the healthy benefits to it are amazing
By Chantell Erasmus Added: 11 months ago
My husband and I really enjoy the Collagen Creamer in our coffee, it makes it so creamy and tasty plus adds the protein which is a double bonus.
By Marlies McCarthy Added: 11 months ago
Upscaling my coffee experience
Will be alternating between this and the MCT oil powder, can't decide which is best as they almost taste identical. Definitely the best milk replacement for my coffee so far.
By Carike Schoeman Added: 1 year ago
Great service
Thanks for the quality product and great service
By Kevin Rolfe Added: 1 year ago
Love this product
This product is easy to use and a great replacement for milk.
By BeholdHer Claire White Added: 1 year ago
Creamy, dissolves easily in hot drinks
Creamy, dissolves easily in hot drinks
By Illeana Fourie Added: 1 year ago
Great expectations
It met every expectation and doesn't negatively impact the coffee flavour at all.
By Ben Hirshovitz Added: 1 year ago
Collagen Creamer
I love this product and would recommend it to everyone I know.
By Antoinette Luus Added: 1 year ago
Collagen Creamer
Originally I only ordered two small sachets as I wanted to try it out, but this was such a treat!! I find it makes my coffee super creamy.
By Charlene Walker Added: 1 year ago
Collagen Creamer
I use this as a milk replacement in my tea. But I think I enjoyed the taste of the MCT oil more in my tea than the Collagen Creamer.
By Madeleine Scholtz Added: 1 year ago
great product
I stopped having milk in my coffee so this is a nice not black coffee no milk option
By Glen Griffiths Added: 1 year ago
Creamy. Excellent in tea, coffee and healthy hot chocolate
By Illeana Fourie Added: 1 year ago
Easy and creamy
We use this for our bullet coffee. Easy and creamy 🤤
By Brigette Steyl Added: 1 year ago
As above for during the day!
By Debbie Wessels Added: 1 year ago
It is what it says it is.
Healthy coffee creamer you want, healthy and flavourful coffee creamer you got!

Definitely worth the risk. Will keep on buying it.
By Ben Hirshovitz Added: 1 year ago
Great product! Definitely creamy!!
By Taniele Van Niekerk Added: 1 year ago
Best product
I learned of this product and Harvest Table from a lady on twitter, ordered on the Saturday and had it delivered by Tuesday in JhB. Ill buy again once it gets finished theres is improvement in my skin
By Khanyi Mbatha Added: 1 year ago
Collagen Creamer
Excellent makes coffee taste even better
By ALEXANDRI GABRINA Added: 1 year ago
I just love my creamer !
Gives my coffee a lovely rich flavor
By Jolene Saayman Added: 1 year ago
Collagen Creamer
Love this product, gives my coffee a delicious creamy taste with all the added benefits of collagen.
By Fotini Pantazides Added: 1 year ago
I absolutely love this product I love the other products that I have purchased on previous times but the creamer is so freaken nice, I recommend it to everyone thats asks me if I do use collagen and then what I use it tastes so soft and creamy and it is healthy that is the best part of it.
By Chantell Erasmus Added: 1 year ago
Great Product!
I have tried many other collagen creamers on the market, but there is nothing that comes close to Harvest Table Collagen Creamer. The combination for MCT powder and Collagen is great and works! It blends perfectly into any warm drink, makes coffee taste great!
By Alta Barnard Added: 1 year ago
So good so far
Received my product within one day with a personalized note which was great! I have been using it daily in my coffee. The bottle is about halfway finished and I seem to feel more energized, hair and nails also feel stronger
By Dasharia Shunmugam Added: 1 year ago
Love it
By natalie macedo Added: 2 years ago
Oh so creamy!
I have family who are a lover of black coffee, so they add this to it and it adds an extra creaminess!
By Taniele Van Niekerk Added: 2 years ago
Love it
Love this product. Kinda can’t have coffee without it.
By JuannePierre De abreu Added: 2 years ago
Absolutely Delicious
I cannot have cow milk, and sometimes out of coconut milk where I live. So this was super amazing, I bought the mini and cannot wait for my big jars to come!
By Neischa Macaringue Added: 2 years ago
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