Harvest Table UK Survey

We are expanding into the UK! We would love to hear from friends and family of The Harvest Table.
Please fill out the below survey.

Harvest Table_2112 (Vegan) Vegan Protein 01B (8) | The Harvest Table
Harvest Table_2201 (Collagen Granules) Water 04B (4) | The Harvest Table
Multi Collagen Granules 02 | The Harvest Table

    Have you heard of The Harvest Table?

    Have you ever used a Harvest Table product?

    Do you shop online or instore?

    Do you know what Bone Broth is?

    Do you know what Collagen is?

    Do you consume a collagen powder or use a topical cream?

    If you use a collagen powder, how do you get it into your diet?

    What brand of collagen powder do you use?

    Do you believe in the benefits of collagen powder supplementation?

    Have you seen Collagen powder in store?

    What Collagen powder brands do you know of in the UK? List them?

    What would you say is the leading collagen powder brand in the UK?

    Is it important for you to know that packaging is earth conscious?

    Do you think its important for a product to be free of fillers, perservatives, flavourants, additives?

    Is it important to know if its halaal certified?

    What certifications do you look for when buying a product?

    What directs your buying choices? (tick any appropriate boxes)

    Are you more likely to trust a brand if it has a face that you recognize?

    What health influencers/ celebrities do you follow?

    Does it make you feel good to know you are supporting a South African business?

    Is it off putting knowing it’s a South African product?

    How many days a week do you cook at home?

    Which of the following ranges are of interest to you? (tick any appropriate boxes)

    Are you Vegan or Vegetarian?

    What, from the below, are your health concerns? (tick any appropriate boxes)

    How active are you?

    What age group do you fall into?

    Would you enjoy receiving newsletter communication with product information and health education?

    Would you like to be added to the mailing list and receive a discount code when our UK launch goes live?

    Where in the UK are you based?

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