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There are FAQ’s answered on each product page but here are some of our most commonly asked questions


Subscriptions allow you to enjoy the benefit of your product knowing you won’t run out as your order will arrive every month like clock work! Once you place your first order, your subsequent orders will run on that same date in subsequent months. Subscriptions run for a minimum of 3 months and after this period you can cancel 3 days prior to the subscription date. Subscriptions cannot be cancelled after the debit has run off your account.

Are our products certified Halaal?2023-01-10T08:41:06+02:00
What is the difference between your Collagen Granules and Powder?2020-02-20T21:34:42+02:00

Our Collagen Granules and Powder both contain at least 90% protein and the same amino acid makeup.  They therefore  achieve the same thing in the body.  The difference is simply a preference.  The Granulated nature of the Granules means that this product dissolves effortlessly into liquids such as tea, coffee or even juice.  The Powder is much finer and takes some agitation to dissolve.  The Granules are our premium product simply because of how easy they are to use!  But whichever one you choose, your body will thank you.

Are your products safe for use by children?2020-02-10T22:02:48+02:00

All of our products are completely safe for use by children and contain no additives, flavourants or colourants.  Although Collagen is only necessary to supplement from the age of 25 it is perfectly safe for children to use and some children benefit from having this good quaility protein added into their diets.

Can I use your products while pregnant or breast-feeding?2020-07-03T07:01:09+02:00

The only products produced by The Harvest Table that is not recommended for consumption while pregnant or breast-feeding is Collagen.X, Super Immune Shake and our Vegan Super Immune Shake.  The Astaxanthin contained in these producta is a very strong antioxidant and the safety of this product has not been tested for use while pregnant or breast-feeding.  All other products are completely safe as they are food based products with no additives, flavourants or colourants added.

Will supplementing with Collagen or Bone broth improve my skin?2019-07-23T09:15:53+02:00

We especially love Bone Broth and Collagen’s ability to give you dewy, healthy, youthful skin, while healing your gut and reducing inflammation at the same time.

Fillers and Botox are not the only ways to tackle physical imperfections. Botox focuses on freezing the muscles of problem areas, but it does nothing to replace the collagen that makes your skin smooth and radiant.

Thus, the only permanent way to plump your skin and reduce wrinkles is to address the root cause which is collagen deficiency. And one of the best “medicines” for that is Bone Broth or Collagen Powder.

What is the difference between Bone Broth and Collagen?2019-07-23T09:15:30+02:00

You can think of Bone Broth as general overall support for the body. It contains a wealth of key nutrients, including proteins, such as Collagen, that are rich in important amino acids like glycine and glutamine. It also contains an array of minerals (calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc) as well as joint friendly glycosaminoglycans.  It is in effect a whole food containing an array of important nutrients.

Collagen is a protein found in Bone Broth, but it can also be isolated via a process called hydrolysation which creates a more concentrated Collagen Powder supplement. This can be hugely beneficial because you get much bigger doses of collagen, and collagen-specific amino acids like glycine, glutamine, proline, hydroxyproline and arginine. These amino acid ‘all-stars’ are amazing for keeping joints healthy, your digestive system firing and your skin glowing.

How do I know whether I should start supplementing with Collagen Powder?2019-07-23T09:15:07+02:00

If you see wrinkles on your face, if your joints and bones get achy, if you experience digestive issues or if your cuts and wounds heal slower than they used to then you may have a collagen deficiency.

Why should I buy grass fed Collagen Powder?2019-07-23T09:14:43+02:00

The health and diet of the animal used to make the Collagen Powder is extremely important. Animals fed a natural diet and allowed to graze on pastures are healthier than confined factory farmed animals. In turn, their collagen is stronger and produces a cleaner and more effective supplement.

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