Difficult Times Often Bring Out the Gold

Back when I was in matric, I woke up one morning and noticed how incredibly tired I felt. Not just the kind of tiredness one feels after an especially late night,  or after a restless sleep, this was different. This was the first day of a new journey, one that led me to many doctors, physicians and specialists.

The last doctor I saw announced boldly that there was nothing wrong with me!  I should just go home to get some sleep and I should eat some meat (I didn’t eat much meat at that time) and if that didn’t work I should see a psychiatrist. Ignoring these words of so-called wisdom, I continued searching for answers.

“I knew that this wasn’t in my mind.”

Harvest Table’s Founder

Mining for gold is a dirty business. It is time-consuming and back-breaking, but the result at the end is magnificent. While I didn’t realise it at the time, I was going through a process of mining that would be the foundation of my life for years to come. 

Listen to Your Body, For It Holds Much Wisdom

It was at this point in my journey that I began to reflect on how I treated my body, the foods that I consumed and the level of stress that I had allowed to overtake my life. I began to make better choices daily – in terms of how I looked after myself – and radically transformed my diet.

Even after making these choices, 4 months after my 20th birthday, I was diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a lymph cancer that had invaded my body and had been draining my energy for all this time (now who’s crazy, Mr. Doctor man?).

As I sat at the end of my second year at University, studying to become a Chartered Accountant, my perspective changed. What had seemed so important in my life before now faded into the background; taking the time to understand how I had allowed myself to get to this point and what I needed to change became all that mattered. Changing my diet wasn’t enough, it was just one piece of the puzzle.

”Wholeness & health go hand-in-hand – it was time to begin a journey to wholeness.”

…Fast Forward 20 Years…

It is now 2019 and my 40th birthday is fast approaching (how did that happen?). As I look back, I can hardly remember that girl of 20 years ago and yet my mandate hasn’t changed; I still believe that wholeness and health are attainable goals for all of us.

Over these past 20 years, I have read, researched and listened, and I have learned that much of the wisdom I’ve been searching for has already existed for many years. Ancient wisdom can guide us in our modern-day manic lives. With this in mind, I have developed a lifestyle and a way of eating that harnesses ancient wisdom and have sought out products that will allow me and my family to increase our nutritional spectrum (think colours of the rainbow in the foods that we eat) as well as increase our nutritional depth.

Health & Wholeness for Our Extended Family

Bone Broth is an example of a food that I knew could offer my family depth of nutrition. Due to the time it took to make this myself and the thought of trying to consume enough of that fatty broth, I was led to look for a powder form that I could easily throw into smoothies or stews. So, what happens when you find amazing products and your life is forever changed for the better? You want to share that journey with friends and family – Welcome to The Harvest Table!