Multi Collagen Granules (Type I, II and III)

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Our Multi Collagen Granules provides all the benefits of type I, II and III collagens in their ideal ratios. This will ensure optimum results in terms of strong hair and nails, glowing skin, reduced joint aches and a healthy gut. Our Multi Collagen Granules are fast dissolving and virtually tasteless. 

When you purchase a Harvest Table product you can be assured of our promise that our products contain zero added preservatives, additives, fillers or flavourants.

The Harvest Table facility has been certified Halaal by MJC.  Our certificate number is HT 5558.

Hydrolysed Collagen Bovine, Hydrolysed Collagen Marine (Tilapia and Carp skin), Hydrolyzed Chicken Collagen

Serving size
12 g (2 TBS) 


Sachet box

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

We suggest a serving of at least 2 tablespoons a day for optimum health and wellbeing. Because this is a granulated product, it is fast dissolving and virtually tasteless.

What is Collagen Powder? 
This is a powdered protein containing large amounts of the amino acids proline and glycine which assist with building strong skin, hair, nails, bones, joints, ligaments and gut lining. 

Can I use your products while pregnant or breast-feeding?
The only products produced by The Harvest Table that is not recommended for consumption while pregnant or breast-feeding is the Collagen X range.  The Astaxanthin contained in this product is an extraordinarily strong antioxidant and the safety of this product has not been tested for use while pregnant or breast-feeding.  All other products are completely safe as they are food-based products with no additives, flavourings or colourants added. 

What is Multi collagen? 
The Harvest Table's multi collagen contains type I, II and III collagen from bovine, marine and chicken source. Each type of collagen does a slightly different thing in the body and by combining the three you receive maximum benefit. Type II collagen is especially helpful for those with joint issues. 

Does it have a flavour? 
This collagen has a slightly stronger flavour

How much collagen does each serving contain? 
Each 16g serving contains at least 15g (15,000mg) of collagen.

Do I have to take 2 full tablespoons daily? 
We recommend that you take at least 2 tablespoons daily to feel the maximum benefits. Many people prefer taking even more than this daily. 

How quickly will I see results? 
Most people see results within three months but some people feel a difference within the first few weeks. If you don't see a result within this time then review your dosage and ensure that you take the product consistently. 

What is collagen loading? 
This is when you take at least 2 tablespoons 3 times a day for 30 days. 

Could I be allergic to collagen? 
Collagen is very hypoallergenic but some people do feel bloated when they start taking it. We recommend that you reduce your dose and build it back up slowly to give your body time to adjust.

Is collagen safe for children? 
Although Collagen is only necessary to supplement from the age of 25 it is perfectly safe for children to use and some children benefit from having this good quality protein added into their diets.

Does collagen assist with weight loss? 
We have had numerous customers tell us that they have lost weight on the product as collagen is a good quality protein which fills you up and can assist with reducing cravings and snacking.

Ratings & Reviews

46 Review(s)
. . . even my husband loves it!
I have been using Harvest Table Multi Collagen Granules from the beginning of the year and after two months I started adding it to my husband's morning coffee - he loves it and says that he feels an improvement in his joints. I see a huge change in the strength of my nails and I recover faster after a strenuous workout!
By Lynette Terblanche Added: 2 weeks ago
multi collagen granules type 1 11 111
Excellent product
By Basil Proctor Added: 3 weeks ago
Excellent service
Overall happy with the order. Highly recommend.
By Michael Monyebodi Added: 1 month ago
Granules vs Powder
Definitely prefer the granules to the powder, we add it to our daily veggie juice. Not completely tasteless but it's so slight it doesn't really change the taste unless you are nitpicking or adding it to something with a very delicate flavour.
By Natasha Koen Added: 1 month ago
Great product
Good source of protein and collagen in one
By Raeesa Moses Added: 1 month ago
wonderful product
this is a great product, and your service is outstanding, thank you.
By Ilona Marshall Added: 1 month ago
Multi Collagen Granules
The product is excellent, already my skin is improving
By Amukelani Nkwinika Added: 1 month ago
multi collagen granules type 1 11 111
Hi We have found the product to be beneficial in as much as our nails are more durable and dont split as before and the old bones and joints have greater flexibility. Anything that helps us oldies in the 70's is gratefully accepted
By Basil Proctor Added: 1 month ago
multi collagen granules type 1 11 111
By Basil Proctor Added: 2 months ago
Multi collagen
Really good product. Dissolves very well but has a bit of a taste to it
By Kerry Jones Added: 3 months ago
I absolutely love these sachets. All 3 collagen types in one handy sachet that you can take with you when you go away. Perfect serving size! Great, thank you Harvest Table!
By Bronwen Banister Added: 3 months ago
Multi collagen granules
Wonderful product
By Estelle Marais Added: 3 months ago
I started taking Collagen after an ankle injury and subsequently noticed that my skin, nails and hair started looking good.
By Kitty Viljoen Added: 3 months ago
Service was amazing and the product has been the best.
By Zoleka Sokopo Added: 3 months ago
Pure gold
Keeps my knees quiet and my wrinkles at bay (so far).
By Martha Millichip Added: 3 months ago
Multi collagen granules
These granules are great! Virtually tasteless in my morning coffee and I am able to move around easier as my joints are not stiff any longer. The previous granules I purchased were just as good and had the same effect on my joints, even though it contained only type I and III. Great product :-)
By Eleanor Hein Added: 3 months ago
Awesome product. I can recommend it to everyone that is looking for a Collagen Product. I could feel and see the results in just a week from start of using it.
By Marianne Hinsbeeck Added: 3 months ago
Multi collagen
This is my go to collagen! I have it everyday in my coffee. It's jam packed with collagen 1,2 and 3. Love it!
By Upasana Ramphal Added: 3 months ago
Fantastic product, will keep on using it for sure.
By Francis Van Niekerk Added: 3 months ago
Best collagen on the market
I started using Harvest Table collagen about a year ago, after trying several other brands. This is by far the best collagen in the market. The pain in my knees subsided and I can actually enjoy gardening again. Love, love, love!!!
By Teresa Venter Added: 3 months ago
Joint pain in fingers already better after only 2 weeks🤗
By Martie Van Staden Added: 3 months ago
Multi collagen
One of the best collagen products on the market. I do not go a day with out it. Definitely recommend the multicollagen.
By Upasana Ramphal Added: 4 months ago
Dissolves well
By Marlene Oberholzer Added: 5 months ago
Refills rock!
So glad this amazing product is available as a refill. My knees are even happier now
By Martha Millichip Added: 5 months ago
Multi Collagen Granules
Multi Collagen Granules is the best drink ever made for my overall health needs. It tastes good and have no smell or leftover taste in the mouth. I do not feel any back pain since I started drinking my Multi Collagen Granules daily. I would advise people who want good health, pain free body and beautiful young-looking skin to start drinking Multi Collagen Granules. I am 55 years old woman but looking younger than my age because of cost-effective Table Harvest Collagen.
By Bongekile Nthabiseng Ncala Added: 5 months ago
This is a fantastic and absolutely incredible product. It's better than the powder as it dissolves so much better and the benefits from using it daily is truly phenomenal. Definitely worth every cent.
By Gail Lees Added: 6 months ago
wonderful product
I am extremely happy with the collagen granules. I used to get the powder, but it does not dissolve as quickly and easily as the granules. I have also felt a huge improvement in my knees as well .... thank you so much for an excellent product.
By Ilona Marshall Added: 6 months ago
Tasteless, but does a great job!
This truly works! I used to use the collagen granules, but I can feel the difference with the multi collagen granules. I will continue to rather buy the multi in future.
By Ilze Henderson Added: 6 months ago
Love love this product
I love this product and cannot start my day without it. It is can be added to your favourite cuppas because the taste is very mild (even my husband does not know it’s in his coffee).
As for Harvest Table as a company it’s ethos and customer service is second to none and a company I will continue to support just because of who they are.
By Nicole M Anderson Added: 6 months ago
Multi Collagen Granules
Love this product
By Alta Huyzers Added: 7 months ago
LOVE this product. My skin texture has shown amazing improvement and I am only halfway into my second 700g bottle. I also have a lot more energy when working out and feel great afterwards. It doesn't do much for acne (so don't expect that), but it most definitely takes years off your skin. Well, it did for both me (33) and my mom (74).
By Heleen Van der Merwe Added: 7 months ago
Awesome Harvest Table
I like my harvest table multi collagen granules ,no more muscle pains ,no more joint pains and my energy level is so amazing .Thank you
By Thuli P Schulze Schulze Added: 8 months ago
3 in 1
Have been using HT Collagen Granules for a while, which I loved. I was excited to see the Multi Collagen granules and give them a try as it has all three types of collagen. I love it. It dissolves easily into my morning coffee and has virtually no smell.
By Leigh Puttkammer Added: 8 months ago
This is amazing as i have Rhumathoid Arthritis and can feel the difference
By Francois Kemp Added: 8 months ago
Good product
This is my first time trying this new variant of collagen granules and it seems to be going well so far. At this point I can see a difference in my hair, but I am not sure about my joints just yet. I think it might be too soon to tell, but I am happy with the product
By Cindy-Lee de Vos Added: 9 months ago
This stuff is the real deal
I am in my late 50's and I was a very keen runner from youth until my knees started to fail me in my late 30's. At that time I had heard about using collagen as a supplement to help with joint health and did actually try various products but didn't really experience any relief.

I was told I needed a knee replacement in my mid 40's, but to hold out for as long as possible before surgery. I switched to swimming, cycling and hiking, but constantly had quite significant joint pain that detracted from the experiences. Anyway, eventually I was bone-on-bone and went for the knee replacement 2 years ago.

After months of rehab, to my delight, I found I could manage to do short jogs without too much discomfort during the actual jog, however for the next day or two I would have to deal with stiffness, pain and swelling. This limited me to doing only occasional runs so as to not put too much strain on my joints.

A few months ago I read about the collagen granules from Harvesttable in some publication and how it was fantastic for joint health. Although I was skeptical as I had tried other brands previously with disappointing results (albeit in pill form), but I figured that I had nothing to lose.

I started using the multi collagen granules at the beginning of the year and after a couple of weeks I genuinely started to notice that I was experiencing less and less pain, stiffness and swelling after my runs. At first I thought that this might be the placebo effect in action and, being naturally inquisitve, I decided to put it to the test, so I started putting in more regular runs and adding a bit of distance.

I have now been using it for about 5 weeks and I am no longer skeptical - this has really worked for me as well as for my wife. Both of us are active in multiple disciplines and we have both really benefitted from this and can't recommend it enough.
By Dave Keating Added: 9 months ago
Love love love
A HUGE supporter of Harvest Table products, thank you for your creations, commitment to a healthy body and mind and the shared knowledge.

Not only do I feel I am giving my body the love it deserves with these products, I also feel like a valued customer thanks to HT’s excellent service.

Great product, great team and awesome service.
By Nicole M Anderson Added: 9 months ago
Your daily dose
Best collagen ever! These granules dissolve into anything. I use it in my morning coffee or smoothie to get my daily dose.
By Sam Brijlal Added: 10 months ago
First of Many!
This was my first purchase with Harvest Table. I loved their service as well as their product… it has been a joy to use their products and will be branching out into most of their range for all my needs!
By Tristan Van Eck Added: 11 months ago
The Best of the Best Collagen is HARVEST TABLE
Yummylicious taste and you see the difference in your nails, skin and hair
This is the best collagen I ever have everyday and I will continue with HARVEST TABLE
By Abeeda Kallidin Added: 11 months ago
I will only use the multi collagen granules from now on. Works better for strenghtening my nails than the regular collagen granules. My skin and hair really benefit too
By Rowena Robinson Added: 11 months ago
Multi collagen granules review
All in one collagen!
Amazing product.
Easy to consume
By Upasana Ramphal Added: 11 months ago
Multi Collagen Granules
Your service is refreshingly excellent and the product is great.
By Tjaart Jonker Added: 1 year ago
Absolute best collagen in the market
I run and gym and sometimes suffer from joint pains but since taking the multi collagen granules my knee joint paint have disappeared and my skin /face has never looked so dewy and younger . It’s a must in my every day morning coffee.It’s a staple in my house .
By Fikile Mashela Added: 1 year ago
Love the product xx
By Marianna Paulsen Added: 1 year ago
No bad flavor
Really pleased, used the original granules before and liked them. Was worried this would have an unpalatable taste but it’s pretty flavorless!! Yay!!
By Floey Vanderplank Added: 1 year ago
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